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Fuck Kevin Bacon

2010-04-01 14:57:15 by NESsimmen

Kevin bacon is so freaking gay... I guess it's pretty funny for an april fool's day prank, but still... it pisses me off. I me april fool's day newgrounds. >:(

Guacamole is good.

2009-08-01 23:46:03 by NESsimmen

It's true.

We gotta stop the porn.

2009-06-06 19:56:49 by NESsimmen

Seriously guys, what's the point of all this porn? It isn't funny, it's completely stupid and it's tasteless. I mean, by all means put whatever you want in the adult section, but the rest of newgrounds isn't about that. Newgrounds is about flash and audio, not stupid videos of gay fags humping cups. And you stupid faggot-federation jerks, stop putting porn in "everyone" and "teen" submissions. Tom, if you read this, please help stop the madness.

Yeppers, if you're interested, just let me know.